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Beef Cattle

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is one of the routine procedures our vet practice offers to Beef farms.

Pregnancy testing is useful for a range of purposes, such as:

  • Determining whether a cow is in calf
  • Predicting calving date, therefore influencing culling and feeding decisions
  • Assessing herd fertility performance - how many cows are in calf, and when?
  • Diagnosing and solving herd fertility problems.


BVD disease

BVD (bovine viral diarrhoea) is a big disease in beef herds. The virus can be spread in many ways but to ensure your future calves are protected it is advisable to vaccinate the cows with BVD by 4 weeks before the planned start of mating.

We offer consultation services and testing programs for the control of BVD, along with the BVD vaccine.


Trace element testing

We offer both blood testing and liver biopsy testing for trace elements status and advice on products and timing of supplementation.


Cattle drenching

Not only do we stock a wide and comprehensive range of trusted brand anthelmintics, including pour-on, injectable and oral drenching products. But we also have the knowledge, expertise and advise for you to get the most out of your drench products and programs.


Animal health planners

We can put together comprehensive animal health calendars and plans covering all aspects of animal health on farm from drenching, trace element supplementation and pregnancy testing through to disease control and vaccination programs.