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Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Services Ltd


Ram palpation and Brucella Ovis testing

An important part of mating is ensuring that your rams are fit for the job. We can offer scrotal palpation services and blood testing to Brucella Ovis. We can also vasectomise rams for use as teasers.


Trace element testing

We offer both blood testing and liver biopsy testing for trace element status and advice on products and timing of supplementation.


Pre-mating vaccinations

We have the full range of pre-mating vaccinations against abortion causing diseases.

  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella and Salmonella Brandenberg

We also have the knowledge to provide you with the expert advice on vaccination protocols and strategies for minimising these diseases and out breaks.


Sheep drenching

Not only do we stock a wide and comprehensive range of trusted brand anthelmintics, including our-on, injectable, capsules and oral drenching products. But we also have the knowledge, expertise and advice for you yo get the most out of your drench products and programs, including faecal egg count monitoring and also faecal egg count reduction testing to look for drench resistance.


Animal health planners

We can put together comprehensive animal health calendars and plans covering all aspects of animal health on farm from drenching and trace element supplementation through to disease control and vaccination programs.