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Teat Sealing

With heifer mastitis rates over 25% on many New Zealand farms, the
magnitude of the problem and the associated costs become
very clear.
Teatseal is a non-antibiotic, inert substance that forms a physical barrier
immediately on insertion, blocking the entry of bacteria into the udder
throughout the dry period and at calving.
Teat sealant administered at least four weeks prior to calving dramatically
reduces clinical mastitis around calving, thereby reducing the cost and
frustration associated with heifer mastitis.
We have found that earlier teatsealing of Heifers can provide cover through
the whole winter period. Our teatsealing season for Spring calving heifers
normally starts around early April.
Heifer teatsealing requires best practice hygiene protocols, and this is where
we can offer you a gold standard service of heifer teatsealing at run off blocks
by using our herringbone trailers. This trailer is designed to keep 5-6 heifers
restrained safely during the process, and is engineered in such a way that also
makes it safer for staff, in comparison with inserting on a rotary platform or in
a herringbone.
As part of this service, the teat seal will all be inserted by trained Selwyn Rakaia
Veterinary Services staff. We will require staff from your team to help in the
yards and loading of trailer.