Katharine Sheppard

B.S. (Animal Science) | Office Administrator

I have been working in the office in some capacity at Selwyn Rakaia Vets since November 2003, with 3 breaks for maternity leave.  I originally hail from Fairbanks, Alaska, and have a B.S. in Animal Science from Colorado State University – and did a year’s study abroad at Lincoln in 2000.  The usual story...met a good Kiwi bloke, fell in love, and ended up moving back here after finishing my degree in 2002.  

Outside of work, I am mum to three gorgeous kiddos (Claire (13), William (12), and Thomas (9)).  I am the president of the Dunsandel School PTA at the moment, and secretary for the netball club.  If I have spare time outside of voluntary activities and carting children around to sporting events...I enjoy crafty things like quilting, knitting and sewing, and love pottering in the garden.

Little bits of Alaskana: coldest temp I’ve been in is -60 F (-51 C) but in summers we can see temps over 30 C...Fairbanks is ~200 miles south of the Arctic Circle (about 64° N – and in case you’re wondering 64° S just skims the top edge of Antarctica) so on winter solstice we have 3 hours 43 mins of sunlight, and summer solstice 21 hours 49 minutes of direct sunlight (but it is plenty light to see by 24/7 even when the sun’s not up)...moose frequently traipse through the front yard...the aurora borealis (northern lights) are visible ~200 days per year...and we normally have snow that sticks by early October and is mostly all gone by early-mid May, depending on the season.

Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Services Ltd

Selwyn Rakaia Veterinary Services Ltd is a locally owned veterinary business servicing predominantly dairy farms in Canterbury. Our team of staff include veterinarians, rural animal technicians, vet nurses and administration staff.