Debudding is a service we offer all year round. Ideally the calf to be debudded is between one and four weeks of age, and in a covered and contained space. Any calves older than 4 weeks of age maybe charged at a higher rate due to extra time and drugs used. If this is the first time we are debudding your calves please let us know so we can let you know the procedure.

Each calf debudded receives:

  • Sedation: All calves are sedated to provide a low stress experience and allows us to debud large numbers of calves in shorter periods of time.
  • Local anaesthetic: This reduces stress and provides short term pain relief after debudding.
  • Injectable Pain Relief: This provides long term pain relief for the calves. It aids recovery and reduces the growth check as they will be quicker to drink post procedure.
  • Portable gas debudders: This means we do not require access to electricity and can debud in a variety of facilities.
  • Checking: After the calves have been debudded we check for extra teats, hernias and navel infections.
  • Vet assessment: We have a vet on site to assess and treat sick calves and navel infections at the time of visit.

Additional Services:

  • Blood Tests: We can blood test for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) and genetic tests such as the A2/A2 genes.

It is also a great opportunity for the farmer to tag and ear notch calves for DNA and A2 testing while they are sedated.

Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Services Ltd

Selwyn Rakaia Veterinary Services Ltd is a locally owned veterinary business servicing predominantly dairy farms in Canterbury. Our team of staff include veterinarians, rural animal technicians, vet nurses and administration staff.