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Heifer Weighing and Animal Health Program

As heifers are grazing further and further from home adequate monitoring of weights and animal health treatments is becoming increasingly difficult to fit into busy farm schedules.

As seen in recent studies; 18% of heifers monitored were more than 20% behind target at 15 months of age, in a recent LIC study.

  • 73% of the population were more than 5% below target at 22 months and by that age, on average, all heifers were 11% below target  (McNaughton and Lopdell).

  • Close to 18% of these heifers did not re-calve as 3yr olds.

  • At a $4 payout, each additional kg of LW at 22 months between 80-90% of mature live weight will return around $1 in the first lactation. (Dairy NZ)

  • Achieving the 15 month live weight target will help minimise the incidence of non-cycling heifers at mating. (Dairy NZ)

In light of this, Selwyn Rakaia Vet Services Ltd now offers heifer weighing as a standalone service or in conjunction with an animal health program. 

The program is customised to each group of heifers, and each group is monitored on a monthly basis. 

Some key points of the program are:

  • An 18 month fully managed program (Shorter-term programs available if required)
  • Weighing and reporting against “MINDA weights” or agreed target weights and advice on the appropriate management of any issues.
  • A comprehensive animal health program was agreed upon at an initial veterinary consultation.
  • Supply of all animal health products and co-ordinating of application including the provision of qualified applicators where required.
  • A veterinary technician will be present at all weighing sessions and assist with the application of animal health products.
  • Pregnancy testing of heifers.

If you would like to discuss any of the services mentioned above please give us a call and we will chat about what works best for you.

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