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Our Mission Statement

To deliver high-quality multi-disciplinary farm advisory services that enhance the long-term value and sustainability of farming businesses focusing on people, profit and performance. We are passionate about our industry and what we do and achieve.

About us

Dairy Farm Management Services holds over eighty years of experience in the dairy farming industry. We provide a wealth of knowledge at both a corporate and a farm-gate level and have a sound understanding of farm systems which is important to our team. This knowledge includes; farm management, day to day advice, financial planning, human resources, strategic planning and environmental consulting.

A locally owned and operated farm consulting business, we pride ourselves on having a team of consultants and support staff that have practical experience in the dairy industry. We believe the best consultants are the ones who understand the effort and passion that goes into our farms and the strategies that make them work.


It is no secret that one of the risks to our industry has been a volatile milk price. One of our aims is to assist farms to incorporate strategies that will protect the business as much as possible and to build that flexibility to allow for sudden changes. 

A passion of ours, and a subject close to our heart, is succession planning. Farming is a long term game and one of the key subjects that we deal with is putting plans in place and assisting discussion around the succession of the farm to the next generation. This is of course a long term process that can benefit from experienced and understanding outside input.

As Canterbury farmers ourselves we have a deep understanding of environmental challenges and pressures faced by dairy farmers within our region. Our team is focused on providing the necessary information to ensure that our farmers have the right understanding to reduce their environmental effects whilst maintaining or even increasing profitability.

More information

Have a look at our website under Services to see where we can help you and your farming business and browse our About Us section for more information on each of our team members.

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