Donald Arthur


Originally from Taranaki, Donald was exposed to dairy farming from a young age. He did his vet degree at Massey and postgraduate training at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  As the team leader/practice manager at SRVS he still loves to get out on farms but the amount of time spent on management tasks means he now spends a lot of time in the office.

He and Jose have three young adult daughters, all of which have left home for now anyway.

Thoroughbred and Greyhound racing/breeding are Donald’s out of work interests. The greyhounds are doing much better than the thoroughbreds. The clinic has one of Donald’s greyhounds called Fabulass which we all hope will do great things.

Selwyn-Rakaia Vet Services Ltd

Selwyn Rakaia Veterinary Services Ltd is a locally owned veterinary business servicing predominantly dairy farms in Canterbury. Our team of staff include veterinarians, rural animal technicians, vet nurses and administration staff.